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Our purpose is to provide safe biological alternatives to the use of poisonous chemicals for all of your pest management needs. We believe that the use of toxic chemicals is far too pervasive in the world today - chemicals that are harmful to our health, our environment, and our children.

The overuse of insecticides often accelerates the rate at which insects become resistant to them. Insecticides often have undesirable ecological effects such as polluting the environment and killing or even extirpating nontarget animals such as birds or pollinating insects. Insecticides can be hazardous to children and adults, causing illness or even death. They are, after all, poisons, some of them among the most toxic of the known poisons. Insecticides may be having long term chronic effects on people that have so far gone unnotice.

Whether you are a commercial grower, farmer, landscaper, gardener, horse or pet owner, or manage feed-lots or dairies, we have the solutions that will eliminate your pest problems the natural way! Our web catalog displays the finest of the environmentally-sound natural beneficial insects and organic products we have available. And if we don't have it, we will find it for you!

Our prices are the most affordable anywhere, and we can ship anywhere in the United States. For shipments to other countries please call us at 520-298-4400.

Our wish is to help make this planet a safe place for all of us to live without harming our precious environment.

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